Wine Experience

Across Euganean and Berici Hills

I chose two cellars of two places near and far at the same time. Near, because there are only a few kilometers between them, away because the characteristics of the territory of the Euganean Hills and Beric Hills are as different as their genesis. Monteversa, Vo Euganeo in the Euganean Hills is a historic estate that has found new management in a thrilling interpretation of the territory. Piovene Porto Godi and its vineyards have their roots in the late sixteenth century, a period which date back to the earliest records. Two very different stories, which share between them the charm of a territory and wines of great finesse and quality. Between sightseeing and the other will have lunch in a historic inn and visit the impressive Castello di San Martino, in Cervarese Santa Croce.


10 am departure from your hotel or other location agreed
10.45 am arrival at the Azienda Agricola Monteversa, Vo Euganeo, visit and tasting
1 pm Lunch at the historic Trattoria Da Antonio Teolo
3 pm visit to the Castle of San Martino in Cervarese Santa Croce
4.30 pm arrival in Piovene Porto Godi, visit and tasting
6.30 pm back to your hotel or other location agreed


The tour is organized with the technical and organizational support of the best travel agents.
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