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Food and wine are my passions that I aim to share with you in a unique trip though small villages and vineyards in the most beautiful places of central Italy.

The idea of an invisible path crossing Lazio and Tuscany, from Rome to Florence, trough Capalbio, Montalcino, San Gimignano and many little precious diamonds of this wonderful piece of earth, made of unique architectures, landscapes, tastes and flavors. This tour is our vision: a mix of beauties, luxury sets and gourmet experiences.
There is a strong link between Rome and Florence. For centuries the stories of these two twins have crossed their destinies, as well the story of the Papal States and the Medici dynasty, that ruled in Rome with tree popes: Leone X, Clement VII and Leone XI.

What is Rome? The capital of an ancient empire? The town of the Catholic Pope? The movie set for La Dolce Vita, La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty)?

Rome is thousand of symbols, it has been a melting pot of many different cultures for centuries. We will show you our own vision of Rome.
Rome the eternal town, a chauffeured tour of the Italian capital city and a cooking class experience in a very exclusive and unique setting.

After a day touring the many wonders of Rome and before going off to dinner, why not enjoy a typical local aperitivo?
Imagine yourself sitting in one of the amazing squares in Rome enjoying the summer breeze and watching Roman life go by…

This will be your welcome to Rome!

Imagine a private apartment, the kitchen set up in a room with an enormous window overlooking the Roman rooftops, including St. Peter’s Basilica.
Enjoy the pleasure of setting a complete menu like locals do.

Great wines, homemade traditional fine food, breathtaking landscapes: is this your idea of Tuscan countryside?
Southern Maremma is a really amazing region between rolling hills and the deep blue Tirreno sea. Locals says they have “a foot in the sea and one on the hill” (Un piede ‘a bosco ed uno ‘a riviera)

This part of our tour will be based in a small elegant boutique Agriturismo in Capalbio: this will be your house for your unique unforgettable Maremma experience.
The chef of a farm restaurant, will introduce you to the local traditional Tuscan cuisine in a passionate cooking class: you will compose a complete menu and you will taste it in the peace and beauty of a breathtaking landscape.

Horse riding is a traditional activity in the region, you will have the chance to try this exciting experience, in their own riding school.
The local wine Morellino di Scansano is made few kilometers from the Agriturismo and you will enjoy an exciting wine tour during the grape harvest.

An unforgettable experience: having your wine tasting paired with dishes of the local Tuscan traditional cuisine, directly in the winery, overlooking a “sea” of green rolling hills.

Art and history are always part of a journey in Tuscany. Capalbio, Siena and Florence are some of the amazing towns and villages you will discover with a local art guide.

The Mar Tirreno (Tirreno sea) is a constant element of Maremma landscapes: what a better chance than a lunch in an elegant shabby chic restaurant facing the sea?
We will take you to La Dogana which means customs in Italian, this place once was the checkpoint on the border of the Papal State and Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

You will enjoy an entire afternoon at the seaside and start your dinner relishing a beautiful emotional sunset.
Unforgettable memories you will remember for a lifetime.

This is just the first part of your journey.
You will leave Capalbio and join Montalcino, land of the world-known red wine Brunello. Chianti which is the strongest symbol for Tuscany, will be the next.
Not only great wines will be waiting for you in this part of Tuscan hills but also the UNESCO World Heritage medieval town, San Gimignano, famous for its towers and Siena with the spectacular Piazza del Campo.
Florence one of the most enchanting cities in Italy, will be the final “scene” of your journey. You will be based in the old town centre, few steps from Uffizi National Museum, Galleria dell’Accademia (Michelangelo’s David) and Brunelleschi Dome. You will enjoy a walking tour among the local Mercato Centrale and an original Tuscan dinner at Cibrèo, Flavio Picchi’s famous traditional restaurant.

If you are looking for a luxurious food and wine orientated tour of Rome and Tuscany, with the “Best of” highlights of art treasures, then this tour is for you.

We can arrange for extra days in Venice, Piedmont or Naples and Amalfi, contact us for details. End of Services.


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